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At Signature Pools and Products we understand the importance of initial assessments and evaluations. We work with both our partners and clients to aid development of their ideas into a practical solution for production in glass fibre reinforced plastic. Our experience has demonstrated that the initial consultancy evaluation can result with a positive impact on not only the aesthetics but also the financial feasibility of the project, whether it is large or small.


With over 50 years of cumulative experience we can demonstrate a wide range of experience to offer the right raw materials from the right suppliers, by employing the correct manufacturing techniques to ensure that the finished product is not only fit for purpose but also what the client wants.

The aesthetic production of swimming pools through to multi-media touch screens for school children all follow the same procedures and are controlled by our integrated management system. This means that the quality of the design and subsequent product are closely monitored and controlled consistently.

Precision Patterns and Moulds

Operating from our 4,000m2 factory in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The skilled workforce that has been developed over the life of the company, enhanced by over 50 years of fiberglass experience within the management team, enable us to ensure that the ideas of our clients are correctly captured and translated into the products. From a design brief and concept drawing, manufacturing drawings are developed to enable production of a master pattern to replicate the finished product for client approval.

We use traditional methods to construct master patterns and moulds in-house to clients specific requirements, allowing efficient use of resources and specific skill sets, resulting in quality patterns and a quick turnaround. These patterns then have finishes applied to reflect the finished quality required of the furnished product.

GRP Moulding Specialists

Having developed the initial design and produced the right patterns and mould, it is now down to our experienced labor force to produce the finished product. Be that a touch table for an Interactive media, Cabinets for the storage of life saving and fir fighting equipment equipment or swimming pools for both domestic and commercial use. The selection and use of the right surface finishes, glass fibre and resin mix are critical to the required performance of the product required by Signature Partners.

By following our IMS, we work with our partners to ensure that best practice is always followed and that Signature Pools and Products are the approved manufacturers of these products for our partners.

GRP alterations and repairs

Due to its flexibility GRP is a very adaptable material to alter, either in process or after installation and it is also easily required should it become damaged. By following set procedures it is easy to ensure that the required or amended product is as good as the factory produced unit.

Artistic Decor

Artistic Decor are exclusive interior and exterior residential and commercial decorative painting contractors.

Artistic Decor offer luxury finishes executed by fully trained artists, using the best quality materials supplied by internationally recognized companies.

Artistic Décor offer a different solution to the numerous other decorative finish contractors in the UAE. The high degree of professionalism and involvement of Julie, who holds a design degree, in all stages of the process from conception to implementation, gives Artistic Décor a unique position in this very competitive market place. Having highly trained artists from India and South East Asia means we have experience of styles and trends that are wanted within our target markets of luxury Hotels, Palaces, Shopping malls and bespoke Villas.

This gives the confidence to Clients, designers and architects that the original design intent can be transferred into the finished project with ease.